Are Cybersecurity Bootcamps Worth It? (Explained for Beginners)

For those that want to dive quickly into the cybersecurity world, bootcamps are a great start. Many tech companies will accept those that have completed a cybersecurity Bootcamp. This is a great way to start doing the job you want without the four-year degree that is harder to do for some people.

Cybersecurity bootcamps are worth it for those that can handle a lot of information at once. They are less expensive than a four-year degree and will get you into the workforce much quicker. You will start working learning on the job years before others even graduate. 

If you do not have the time for a four-year degree a bootcamps is the best choice you could make. Four-year degrees take are a lot of work and are not ideal for those that are also need to work. You will save time and money. There are some jobs out there that may not accept those that have completed a bootcamp but thankfully many companies have jobs available for bootcamp graduates. 

are cybersecurity bootcamps worth it

What to Expect During Cybersecurity Bootcamps?

Cybersecurity bootcamps are not for the faint of heart. They are fairly intense and only for those that can retain larger amounts of information in a shorter time frame. It helps to have some understanding of computers and coding. You will grasp things and be able to follow along smoother.

There are usually two types of time frames with cybersecurity bootcamps. For those able to go full time it will be around four months while part-time bootcamps will be around six months. During this time, you will learn everything possible about cybersecurity and what your future jobs will entail.

For those that are familiar with python and other programming, the bootcamp will be much easier to keep up with. If you are completely new to the coding world you could watch YouTube videos or take free online classes to learn to code or brush up on what you already know. Expect to learn everything from security essentials, offense, and defense against cybersecurity. 

How Do Cybersecurity Bootcamps Compare to Degrees?

While technically anyone can go to a four-year college for a cybersecurity degree, they also cost quite a bit of money and this makes them not accessible to everyone. $25,000 or more per year for a degree that will easily pay student debt is more than worth it for those that can afford it.

If you are one of the tens of thousands who may not have the time or resources to go to college for four years you can simply take a cybersecurity bootcamp. In under six months of hard work, you will easily be able to make back the much lower cost of the bootcamp. 

Both options provide jobs right out of college/bootcamp. While some jobs will require a four-year degree it may be surprising just how many jobs there are out there for entry-level to higher-paying openings for those with only a cybersecurity bootcamp completion.

Is Cybersecurity Bootcamps Expensive?

Compared to a four-year cybersecurity degree is far more expensive than attending a bootcamp. A typical cybersecurity bootcamp will only cost under $15,000 for a few month-long courses. Most bootcamps also allow for scholarships or financial aids to be applied to the total cost.

Whereas a four-year college degree will cost well over $100,000 even with some financial aids. That is a huge difference considering there are jobs available for both options and you will start making money faster instead of spending more.

Many will go the route of a four-year degree while many choose would be bootcamp. In a few months, graduates from a cybersecurity bootcamp can land a well-paying job. There are also online courses you can take to learn even more or prepare you for bootcamp which is known to be quite intense. Online courses typically cost under $1,000 and can add to a resume.

If you are not worried about a resume as much as pure skill, there are always options such as YouTube or free online courses. It may be surprising, but it is not as hard as one may think to learn coding and other technical aspects of cybersecurity. 

What Are the Top Cybersecurity Bootcamps?

There are many different cybersecurity bootcamps that you can attend but find the right one can be overwhelming. There are many aspects to think about from cost to credentials. After all, no one wants to go through an intense bootcamp to realize it won’t help a resume. That is why we put together the best ones out there. 

Virginia Tech

Fullstack Academy offers a great bootcamp. They have a fully online bootcamp that is four months long and two times a week. This is a great option for those with busy lives and a well-respected college. The classes are live with actual instructors to speak to. They will guide you through every aspect of cybersecurity in the comfort of your home.

They also offer a full-time program that will only last three months but takes place Monday through Friday. The tuition is roughly $12,000 but far less expensive than a four-year college and you start making your money back quicker. 

University of California

They offer in-person and online bootcamps to work around your schedule. You can take the part-time bootcamp that is only three days with evening and weekend hours that work around almost every job. They provide hands-on training in the defense and offense of cyber security.

They also will have a profile coach or career director that will work with you during the program and help you to land your dream job. They are also a well-respected college.

Penn Cybersecurity Bootcamp

They offer a six-month part-time bootcamp. They provide hands-on training in every aspect of cybersecurity. It cost under $15,000 for the course and you will have more than enough skills to land a cybercrimes job. 

The bootcamp is online only which makes it more accessible to everyone. Like some of the other bootcamps, they offer evening and weekend times to make it easier for those with jobs.

Cybersecurity Bootcamps Are Worth It for Many People

If you want a job in the cybersecurity world in well under a year you will want to go the bootcamp route. There are thousands of jobs out there for those that have finished an intense cybersecurity bootcamp. You will not need a four-year degree to get a well-paying job that will have you set for life. You will learn on the job and be able to advance in your career all with under six-month bootcamp.

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