Did you know that less than 2% of breaches are detected in the first 24 hours and less than 46% in the first 30 days? Even more troubling, once an attack is identified, it takes a network-based security system an average of 32 days to resolve it – at a cost of $1.04 million. And worse yet, less than 40% of breaches are contained within a week of discovery. According to the Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report, the average time from infiltration to discovery is 173.5 days.


Today, if you’re unprepared for a breach – or unaware that one has occurred – the adversary will take advantage. There’s a breach detection gap between the vast number of signature-based prevention tools that can no longer keep organizations from getting breached and the traditional incident response and forensics tools that investigate breaches.

Adversaries count on this gap to infiltrate deeper into breached machines, pivot to their ultimate target machine or system, and execute every step of their kill chain to achieve their objective.

Triumfant’s AtomicEye closes the breach detection gap with rapid response and remediation. Our proprietary tools detect breaches in real-time, generate a comprehensive and actionable analysis within minutes of the attack, and build a situational remediation that stops the breach. AtomicEye stops the attack and interrupts the kill chain before the adversary can grab sensitive information or intellectual property. Triumfant’s AutomicEye also repairs the machine and all persistence mechanisms to make sure the adversary cannot easily return.

Triumfant now supports Windows and Mac operating systems and will soon support Linux and mobile environments.

When the clock is ticking and high-value assets are at risk, instant detection and rapid response are critical. You can’t afford a delayed incident response that leads to increased damages. You can’t afford not to have Triumfant’s AtomicEye watching.

“It used to take us weeks to detect and fix a threat. With Triumfant we have shaved it down to just minutes.”
– Head of IT, Major Telecom

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